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Streamline Your Cleaning and Maintenance with Breezeway – with Jeremy Gall (387)

If you manage one or two properties on Airbnb, it’s fairly easy to keep track of your communications with cleaners and maintenance personnel. But as you grow a STR business, it gets more and more challenging to oversee quality control and keep up with routine maintenance on multiple listings. So, what can you do to streamline your cleaning and maintenance processes and maintain a high-quality guest experience—no matter how many properties you manage?

Jeremy Gall serves as CEO of Breezeway, the leading property care and operations platform for short-term rentals. The Breezeway software helps coordinate, communicate and verify detailed work, supporting STR hosts in delivering the best possible guest experience across a portfolio of properties. Jeremy got his start in the STR space in 2006 as the cofounder of vacation rental marketplace FlipKey before shifting his focus to management and founding Breezeway in 2016.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jeremy joins me to explain how Breezeway helps hosts scale a STR business, facilitating communication with cleaners and other service personnel and automating as much of the turnover process as possible. We explore the role cleaning and maintenance staff play in helping us build a brand and tailor the guest experience as we grow. Listen in to understand how the Breezeway guest messaging product works and learn how Jeremy’s software is tailored specifically to YOUR vacation rental business.

Topics Covered

What inspired Jeremy to build Breezeway

  • Host needs around property maintenance
  • Higher guest expectations for experience

How a STR cleaner’s job goes beyond cleaning

  • Support host in delivering guest experience
  • Manage inventory, identify maintenance issues

How Breezeway helps hosts scale a STR business

  • Smart technology to manage cleaning schedule
  • Plan recurring maintenance, quality control
  • Automate as much of turnover as possible
  • Coordinate with all external service providers

Jeremy’s insight on how the Breezeway system works

  • Connect with main marketing channel or PMS
  • Set up workflows (tailored to your business)
  • Deploy with existing service providers

How the Breezeway messaging product functions

  • Text guests shortly after arrival
  • Offer guests concierge service

Communicating with service personnel on Breezeway

  • Create task in system, sends auto alert
  • Service personnel provides feedback

Connect with Jeremy


Email vip@breezeway.io


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