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Streamline your hosting operations with Hospitable (Ep586 )


In today's episode of “Get Paid For Your Pad,” I had an insightful conversation with Andrew Schur, the Head of Product at Hospitable. We explored Hospitable's evolution from its earlier incarnation as SmartBnB to its current role as an innovative solution for property hosts. Andrew highlighted Hospitable's pioneering use of AI in messaging, predating the current AI trend, and how they're continually leveraging AI to elevate the host experience.

We delved into Hospitable's unique focus on catering to smaller-scale hosts, those with fewer than five properties. Andrew underscored how they offer an accessible, user-friendly platform at an affordable price point, positioning Hospitable as an excellent starting point for hosts looking to take their hosting endeavors to the next level. He also discussed the seamless integration of Hospitable alongside other property management systems, ensuring flexibility for users who wish to combine different tools for maximum efficiency.

Andrew provided an exciting glimpse into Hospitable's upcoming endeavors, notably their vision for an app store that simplifies and enhances the tool selection process for short-term rental hosts. This app store aims to break down barriers and enable hosts to harness a diverse range of solutions without being tied to a single channel manager.

As a special treat for ‘Get Paid For Your Pad' listeners, Hospitable is offering an exclusive discount of 25% for three months! Whether you're just starting your hosting journey or managing multiple properties, Hospitable's user-friendly platform with AI-powered messaging can elevate your hosting experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to streamline your operations and enhance guest communication. To claim your 25% discount for three months, simply visithttps://hospitable.com/ and use promo code:GPFYP and take your hosting to the next level with Hospitable!

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