The Airbnb Winter Release (Ep423)

Short-term rental hosts asked… And this week, Airbnb delivered, announcing 50-plus upgrades to the platform in its 2021 Winter Release.

So, what are the most important updates? And how do they impact you and your STR business?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I share our top takeaways from Airbnb’s Winter Release, describing how Chesky’s team improved its host guarantee program—now known as AirCover.

We explore several of our favorite new features, including the accessibility review, pet fee option, in-app Wi-Fi speed test and short stay cleaning fee.

Listen in to understand how Airbnb’s ability to create community differentiates it from other OTAs and learn how YOU can benefit from the 50 new innovations on the platform!

Topics Covered

How Airbnb changed its host guarantee program

  • Pet damage, deep cleaning and income loss protection
  • 14-day filing window and quicker reimbursements

The updates we like that benefit guests on Airbnb

  • I’m (even more) flexible option
  • Accessibility review
  • Upgraded translation engine
  • Added property categories

The updates we like that benefit hosts on Airbnb

  • Getting started made simpler (10 steps)
  • Option to add pet fee
  • Easier to become Superhost
  • Additional support for Superhosts

What we like about Airbnb’s new verified Wi-Fi speed test tool

  • Helps work-from-home guests choose listings
  • No longer need ugly pic of Wi-Fi speed in photos

The benefit of Airbnb’s new short stay cleaning fee

  • Lower fees for guests on 1- or 2-night stays
  • Helps hosts fill in gaps on calendar

What differentiates Airbnb from other OTA platforms

  • Excel at design, marketing and creating community
  • Address host concerns through tech innovation


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