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The Five Stages of Hosting (Ep443)

The short-term rental industry has grown so much and so fast over such a short period of time. Now, more than ever, many people are trying to grow a short-term rental business and are running into the problem of understanding what to do, what they need to have implemented and when. Before you can understand where you want to go with your business you have to identify where you’re at now.

So, what can you do to get clear on exactly where you are in your business journey and how to scale from there?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I break down the 5 stages of hosting, sharing how to recognize where you want to be in your business and where you are now so you can make the strategic decisions to move up the stages.

We discuss each stage of hosting: the traditional, the side hustle, the hectic host, the rising star, and the legends stage, and the challenges that people experience in each one.

Listen in for insight on how to identify where you are in your business, what to overcome in each hosting stage and how Legends X can accelerate your business, providing the information and systems needed to profit and scale.

Topics Covered

  • Why the 5 stages of hosting was created
  • Eric’s insight on how the 5 stages of hosting is vital when measuring success in your short-term rental business
  • Jasper’s insight on the hectic host stage
  • The clarity, awareness, and confidence that Legends X is providing for hosts, allowing them to scale
  • The traditional host stage
  • Why the side hustle host stage is becoming more common that the traditional host
  • The hectic host stage and why it’s so powerful
  • Eric’s insight on how things change after the 3rd stage and into the rising star stage
  • Jasper’s insight on why the stages aren’t dependent on how many units you have
  • The legends stage and why it’s not for everyone
  • How Legends X allows you to become profitable and scalable, providing you systems needed to become a legend with your business


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