The Story Behind 500 Episodes of Get Paid For Your Pad (Ep500)

The Story Behind 500 Episodes of Get Paid For Your Pad (Ep500)

“In the summer of 2014, we were in Vegas, trying to figure out how to sell more books, so we decided to start a podcast. We bought a mic and messaged a host we knew to interview for Episode 1.”—Jasper Ribbers

That impulsive decision led to the long running Get Paid For Your Pad podcast, with over 1.3 million downloads.

Today we are celebrating a milestone—the 500th episode!

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and Jasper are switching seats, with Eric talking over the mic for an interview with Jasper.

From the “Traveling Dutchman” travel blog to the Get Paid For Your Pad book, Jasper shares his journey to the successful Get Paid For Your Pad podcast.

Listen in for a glimpse behind the scenes of the podcast, the biggest challenges on the journey to Episode 500, and the #1 key to the show's success.

From the mom-and-pop hosts to the biggest titans in the industry, Jasper shares his favorite episodes and the life changing lessons he's learned from his guests along the way.

Plus, he shares the story of Brian Chesky's famous tweet about the catchy Get Paid for Your Pad jingle and why it's here to stay!

Listen in to this inspirational episode for tips on how to grow your influence and establish yourself as an expert in your own market.

Are you a longtime listener of the show? We'd love to hear from you! Let's surprise Jasper with some new reviews to celebrate the 500th Episode of Get Paid For Your Pad!

Topics Covered

  • Why consistency always beats experience in the race for success
  • Jasper shares his podcasting journey and the lessons he's learned
  • The #1 reason for the success of Get Paid for Your Pad
  • The impact of the podcast in terms of Jasper's influence in the STR space
  • Why consistency is the key to leadership and influence
  • The future plans for the Get Paid for Your Pad book
  • The powerful lessons we can learn from the sharing economy space
  • The key to successful leadership and influence
  • The 3 most important tenets of bringing value to your audience
  • How to grow your sphere of influence


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