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The STR Legends Mastermind is Back! (Ep458)

Have you ever been part of a group of elite business owners connecting, learning, and helping each other solve problems all while having a good time?

Two years ago, just two months before the lockdowns we went all into the business model of creating and hosting our mastermind groups all over the world. And then the lockdowns came, and the world stopped turning.

Now the world has reopened. We’re back, and so is the STR Legends Mastermind.

We’ve learned a lot through our live events, and virtual masterminds and now we’re taking the STR Legends Mastermind to a whole new level.

Today we want to take the opportunity to give everybody a recap of STR legends and the STR Legends Mastermind and who it is for.

But first, what makes a mastermind group worthwhile and what sets the SRT Legends Mastermind apart?

Listen in to learn about the power of breaking out of your routine to gather with the like-minded and the legends to forge a lasting network.

On this episode of STR conversations, Eric and I take you deeper into the genius of the mastermind concept. We also touch on the many success stories of business owners from past STR Masterminds, and we will share some of the high points of the virtual mastermind.

Plus, we’ll touch on the newest trends in the STR industry and why being in the trenches with the people pushing this industry forward is vital.

Topics Covered

  • The 3 core things we want to achieve with the STR Legends Mastermind
  • How being part of the STR Masterminds will rapidly expand your network
  • Why bringing together like-minded individuals helps solve the biggest problems
  • How being face to face changes the mastermind experiences and enhances relationships
  • The biggest difference between going to a conference and attending a mastermind
  • How the STR Legends Mastermind offers cutting edge information on the industry evolution
  • The biggest benefit of sitting down with the legends of the STR industry


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