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Thriving Through the Pandemic in Newfoundland (Ep. 343)

Are you struggling to move out of fear and into action? Yes, the short-term rental (STR) industry took a hit in March when the Coronavirus forced most of us to shelter in place. But now, many Airbnb hosts are taking steps to generate bookings and some are even thriving through the pandemic. So, how do you get motivated to turn off Netflix and say YES to building your STR business?

Gordon Martin is the CEO of People, Places & Things, a vacation rental and experiential tourism business based in Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. Gordon began his hosting career in August of 2017, listing his family cabin on Airbnb. Today, he represents 15 owners and 37 listings, aiming to ground his guests in PLACE, connect them with local PEOPLE, and provide the opportunity to do THINGS that will create lasting memories.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Gordon joins me to explain how he is thriving through the pandemic, serving his owner-clients, staff and guests. He describes the shell shock he felt when the crisis started and walks us through the steps he took to turn his STR business around—and even pick up several new properties! Listen in for Gordon’s insight around the importance of community in challenging times and learn how to get un-stuck and take action in YOUR vacation rental business.

Topics Covered

How Gordon got into Airbnb

  • Needed immediate cash in Fall of 2017
  • Immediate bookings from listing cabin
  • Now represent 15 owners, 37 listings

Gordon’s initial reaction to the Coronavirus crisis

  • Fear, uncertainty and dread
  • Two weeks watching Netflix and CNN

How Gordon turned his STR business around

  • Hire back VAs (operations + social media)
  • Shift focus to staycations, rename listings
  • Positive press in traditional media

How Gordon picked up new properties in a pandemic

  • Referrals from current owner-clients
  • Share success on social media

How Gordon transitioned out of stuck-ness into action

  • Take responsibility for situation
  • Change environment

What Gordon learned through the COVID-19 crisis

  • Importance of community
  • Stay close to credible sources of info
  • Learn as much as possible
  • Accept situation and then respond

Gordon’s advice for STR hosts who feel stuck

  • Share challenges with community
  • Remember your WHY

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