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Tiny Homes Listener Q&As (Ep469)

Are tiny homes the solution for our Freewyld experience?

The jury is still out!

For those of you who may have missed our recent podcast, we are investigating tiny homes as an option to help get our Freewyld community on the road to being completed and profitable much sooner than the estimated timeframes we are receiving from both contractors and counties.

If you missed it, you can listen here.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I discuss some of the comments and questions from our listeners about the options available in the tiny homes market right now. We’ll also share some ‌construction solutions being looked at by other entrepreneurs for their own STR spaces in the current economy.

Listen in for insight into the different zoning laws for tiny homes and what that adds as far as challenges go. We’ll walk you through a recent experience we’ve had with rising construction costs. We’ll look at how that is affecting our budget and bottom line for Freewyld, and how that’s playing a part as we continue to investigate the tiny homes offering as a solution.

We’ll walk through some recently acquired information about lofts in STR spaces and the challenges going in that direction would present and how it would shrink our customer avatar. Plus, we’ll discuss some options to make the experience at Freewyld more appealing to more of our customer base.

Topics Covered

●     Why the understaffing and overstuffing in the airline industry will make the driving markets a solid STR investment

●     Why our listener Catherine chose to build her tiny homes on-site and how that affects her branding

●     How much the cost of construction has gone up on the price for one bathroom for the Schoolhouse

●     The challenges the unique zoning laws for tiny homes brings to the table

●     Why the loft floorplan in most tiny home spaces is problematic to the STR bottom line

●     How the mass production in the tiny homes market might cause incompatibility with the Freewyld stay experience


Freewyld Updates: Investigating the Tiny Home Concept for the Freewyld Brand (Ep465)

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