Tips & Tricks for Property Managers by GuestBook (Ep271)

Tips and Tricks for property managers

Tips & Tricks for Property Managers by GuestBook (Ep271)

Today's guest is Jeremy Mays, CMO and co-founder of GuestBook. He and his team have recently released an eBook called “108 Tips, Tricks, Ideas & Techniques For Property Managers.” (Download a free copy here).

I have read the entire book and selected my favourite tips from every category and discuss these with Jeremy.


Leave hand-written thank you notes at the properties

Smell – Vanilla is a great smell. Wall plug ins. Candles and various air fresheners.

Scaling your business

Meet with Investor Organizations: A major portion of the local vacation rental inventory may be owned by a group of investors. Find out more info about these groups and market to them as it might equate to multiple units, not just one here or there.

Develop a presentation that you give to all prospective clients: Develop a great “pitch deck” that talks about the many reasons why owners should pick your company over others.

Team Building & Management

ALWAYS show your staff how much you appreciate them: Your team is on the front lines and always be doing things to thank them for their hard work.


I would recommend setting up a back end group chat on instant messaging apps like whatsapp / telegram as almost everyone uses it these days.


Have plenty of sheets, towels available so that you don’t have to do the laundry in the short amount of time between stays

Interior Design

Include a luggage rack. It will save your furniture from dirty suitcases and bags and it’s great to help guests pack / unpack.

General operations

Foster Positive and Lasting Relationships with residents and owners. Always be thinking of ways to surprise or bring a smile to your owners


Fill up calendar gaps by offering your guests to extend their stay


Make short videos about what makes your market unique: Interview local restaurants, best surf spots, best hiking trails, local hang outs, surf shops, best sushi place in town and all points in between. Promoting these hot spots will drive traffic to your site and also result in more units and more bookings.

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