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Tools and Systems That We Use to Streamline Our Hosting Business (Ep421)

When Eric and I bought the existing Airbnb business at Strawberry Creek Village, the previous host didn’t use any technology tools at all.

Running the community as a traditional vacation rental, she tracked bookings with pen and paper, texted the cleaner personally and physically plugged in and unplugged the outdoor lights herself each day.

So, when we took over, Eric and I began by implementing several tech tools and systems to streamline our hosting business.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric shares the home automation technology he’s installed at Strawberry Creek and describes the system we created around the digital locks in our short-term rentals.

I explore the benefits of using digital locks in your STR units and explain what apps we’re using to automate the process of assigning temporary access codes to our guests.

Listen in to understand why Eric and I are setting up the tech ourselves (rather than outsourcing the job) and get our best advice on implementing new technology in your Airbnb hosting business.

Topics Covered

What tech we’ve installed at Strawberry Creek

  • Lights turn on/off automatically
  • Schlage Encode digital locks
  • NoiseAware in units and outdoors
  • Apple TV and Nest thermostats

The benefits of using digital locks in a STR

  • Security
  • Guest convenience
  • Management

The system we built around our digital locks

  • Admin code for in-house team only
  • Code for cleaner (track to pay hourly)
  • Guest codes plus backup lockbox

How we’re automating the guest code process

  • Hostfully to import info at booking
  • Message guest code on day of arrival
  • Manage and track via RemoteLock

Our best advice on implementing technology

  • Take time for onboarding process
  • Build SOPs around how to use tech

Why we’re setting up the tech ourselves

  • Create best systems possible
  • Understand product, how to improve

The advantage of creating walk-through videos

  • Helps VAs with guest messaging
  • Insurance in case of owner disputes

How we’re building relationships with guests

  • Personal communication
  • Onsite team member


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