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Top Interior Design Resources for Airbnbs (Ep462)

One of the hardest things about establishing new short-term rental properties is deciding on the direction of the interior design.

It’s often overlooked, but it’s crucial to the integrity of your brand. So why do it alone? There are tons of awesome companies out there to help you achieve your interior design dreams and bring your property to the next level.

On this episode of STR Conversations, Eric shares his biggest lessons learned on establishing strategies for interior design and renovating short-term rental properties.

Eric discusses his new company launched with Jasper, Freewyld, and their goals to renovate four properties while also managing the difficulties of being understaffed.

Listen in to learn what resources Eric recommends for designing your short-term rental and how to get involved in the Legends Mastermind program.

Topics Covered

How Jasper and Eric started their company Free Wild and have begun their first project in California

How Jasper and Eric are preparing to renovate four properties with Free Wild while also navigating struggles with being understaffed

The 4 phases of the renovation process

Why having a clear vision and patience is crucial to a project’s success

Why establishing interior design strategy is an important first step in renovating and creating new properties

Why Eric is considering using Den Outdoors as a partner for new tiny home projects

Eric’s recommended resources for designing your short-term rental

The upcoming Legends Mastermind event in Mexico and the requirements to qualify for the program


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