Top Medium Term Rental Strategies for Airbnb Hosts (Ep508)

Fueled by the increasing demand for rentals for digital nomads and the uptick in regulations by cities on short-term rentals, medium-term stays are now the fastest-growing category on the Airbnb platform.

So, how can we jump into the medium-term market and get all the benefits of investing in Airbnbs without the hassle of turnover or the risk of changing city regulations?

Zeona McIntyre has been an Airbnb host since 2012 and owns 12 long-term, mid-term, and short-term units. As an avid real estate investor who owns and manages a double-digit portfolio, she teaches listeners how to achieve financial freedom through real estate on her podcast, Invest2FI. Zeona is the co-author of the soon-to-be-released book, 30-Day Stay: A Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Mastering the Medium-Term Rental.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Zeona joins me to talk about what constitutes medium-term and the advantages of these types of rentals.

She shares the difference in ROI between short-term and medium-term rentals and the pricing strategy she uses to be sure she is getting the biggest return for her properties.

Listen in as Zeona shares some insider tricks for finding more customers, managing your calendar, and the special touches she adds to make her guests feel at home in her medium-term rentals. Plus, she reveals her secret insider trick for filling up last-minute bookings.

Topics Covered

  • What constitutes a medium-term rental
  • The advantages of medium-term property rentals
  • Which type of rental is the most hands-off (and which is the intensive)
  • The difference in ROI between short-term, medium-term, and long-term rentals
  • How to price your medium-term rentals
  • How to use medium-term rentals to fill up your calendar when you are not ‘in-season’
  • Where the highest demand for medium-term rentals is right now
  • Where to find customers for your medium-term property rentals
  • Why traveling nurses are the perfect tenants for longer stays
  • The best upgrades to add to your medium-term rentals to impress your guests
  • Zeona shares an overview of her soon to be released book
  • How Zeona manages her calendar to keep out the gaps in stays in her rentals
  • Zeona's SECRET for filling up last-minute bookings (her SEO strategies revealed)

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