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Uplevel the Experience for Your Guests with Minoan (Ep504)

“Even though 99% of retail happens on screens or shelves, those aren't where the real moments are. The real moments are in native settings.”— Marc Hostovsky

Thousands of advertising dollars are spent on Facebook, Google, and Instagram pop-ups and influencers to create meaningful moments with products.

However, all of it still misses the mark on the end-user experience.

Hosts have a lot of value in this attention economy, and they're not getting credit for it. But my guest is out to change that.

Marc Hostovsky is the founder of Minoan, a platform where hosts can purchase furniture and amenities at a 30 to 60% discount and then make the items shoppable for their guests and earn a commission.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Marc joins me to talk about how his background in retail gave him the idea for Minoan. He'll walk us through Minoan's unique marketing partner relationship with some of the top brands in the home furnishings space.

We discuss how to use higher-end furnishes and appliances to create a more cohesive look for your brand and a more unique (and memorable) guest experience—a win-win for both sides of the equation.

Listen in as Marc shares some of the brands they are currently working with, their plan for future expansion, and how working with them can change the economics of your STR business.

Plus, Get Paid For Your Pad listeners can get a $25 credit for signing up with Minoan today!

Topics Covered

  • What's the fastest‌ growing segment in hospitality
  • Marc walks us through how the idea for Minoan clicked for him
  • Where you should invest in the higher quality furnishings for your rental spaces
  • Where the best product experiences happen for consumers
  • The value of STR hosts in the ‘attention economy'
  • The benefits for brands to have items in your rental property
  • The 2 biggest benefits of working with Minoan to furnish your STR listings
  • How the commission structure works for hosts partnering with Minoan

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