EP194: This Week in the World of Airbnb

EP194: This Week in the World of Airbnb

A shocking news story hit the world of Airbnb this week, as a 28 year old man from Michigan has been charged with sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl in the town of Minnetonka. The child had been put to bed in the parents room where the father found her and the Airbnb guest, who was naked. The father yelled at the man who then grabbed his suit coat and wallet and fled. Police later found the man hiding in a fishing boat and arrested him.

Topics covered

Article #1: Airbnb guest charged with sexual assault

Article #2: Muslim-friendly homestay platform Muzbnb launches

Article #3: Airbnb Marketing Chief Jonathan Mildenhall Steps Down

Article #4: Why This Airbnb Feature Could Be a Game-Changer

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