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EP207: This Week in the World of Airbnb

Melbourne is joining the growing list of cities introducing regulations around short-term rentals, but the municipality is taking a very different approach: Rather than simply limiting the number of days a host can rent her property, the rules address specific issues—like guests ‘socializing outdoors after 10pm.’

Jasper is joined by Nicole Prentice Williams, Hostfully’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, to discuss this new approach to regulations and the challenge of enforcement. They also cover the contentious letter leaked to CNBC this week in which Airbnb accuses Marriott of using $1.73B in taxpayer subsidies to fund hotel construction over the past nine years.

Nicole and Jasper speak to Airbnb’s most recent acquisition, a startup for travelers with disabilities called Accomable, and the growth of Airbnb Trips. Listen to find out what kind of Experience is most popular and why locals are taking advantage of the chance to explore their own city!

Topics Covered

Article #1: Airbnb Lashes Out at Marriott as Clash Between Silicon Valley and the Hotel Industry Intensifies

  • Letter to CEO Arne Sorenson leaked to CNBC
  • Accuses Marriott of using taxpayer subsidies to fund hotel construction
  • $1.73B from 2008-2017 ($4.6B in profit during same period)
  • Marriott, Airbnb most visible players in ongoing battle

Article #2: Mornington Peninsula Council Wants to Ban Airbnb Guests from Socializing Outdoors After 10pm

  • Melbourne among top 20 Airbnb markets around world
  • Different approach to regulations, addresses specific complaints
  • Rules include no socializing outdoors after 10pm
  • May be difficult to enforce

Article #3: Airbnb Buys Accessible Travel Business Accomable in Its Latest Move

  • Startup designed for travelers with disabilities
  • Struggling to gain traction, 1,100 listings in 60 countries
  • Purchased by Airbnb for undisclosed sum
  • Taking on team, inventory
  • Opportunity to educate hosts, verify accessible listings

Article #4: Airbnb Touts Growth of Trips for Foodies, Millennials and Solo Travelers

  • 3,100 Experiences in 40 cities across 26 countries
  • Most popular area is food and drink
  • Majority of users age 35 or younger
  • 90% of Experiences earn five-star review
  • Opportunity for locals to learn about own city

Resources Mentioned

It’s the Ship

Article #1: cnbc.com/2017/11/20/airbnb-wrote-a-letter-to-marriott-claiming-hotel-fleeces-taxpayers.html

Morgan Stanley Report

Article #2: abc.net.au/news/2017-11-21/mornington-council-to-ban-airbnb-guests-outdoor-socialising/9174652

Article #3: skift.com/2017/11/16/airbnb-buys-accessible-travel-business-accomable-in-its-latest-acquihire


Article #4: skift.com/2017/11/21/airbnb-touts-growth-of-trips-for-foodies-millennials-and-solo-travelers

Airbnb Trips

Airbnb Experiences

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