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EP222: This Week in the World of Airbnb


Last week, thousands of San Francisco Airbnb listings performed a disappearing act. Hosts who failed to register with the city have been removed from the platform, reducing inventory by nearly 4,800.

Jasper is joined by Margot Lee Schmorak, Co-Founder and CEO of Hostfully, to discuss what’s happening in San Francisco and the reaction of hosts in the city. They also consider an Airbnb faux pas in Australia, where a $20K reservation was cancelled over cockroaches—without giving the hosts a 24-hour window to resolve the problem.

Margot and Jasper cover the new regulations in Boston, regulations that come with steep fines for breaking the rules, as well as a study indicating that millennials prefer luxury hotels over short-term rentals. They close with the most popular Airbnb photos on Instagram, breaking down the commonalities among the winners. Listen in for insight on making your listing a hit on social media!

Topics Covered

Article #1: Airbnb Purges Thousands of San Francisco Listings Overnight

  • 4,760 unregistered listings removed from Airbnb
  • Home Sharers Democratic Club supports changes
  • Rules require registration, $340 fee
  • Can only rent entire home for 90 days
  • Median rent for 1BR in SF = $3,500

Article #2: Bondi Beach Couple Left Shattered When ‘Rule-Breaking’ Last-Minute Cancellation Leaves Them Owing Almost $20,000 to the Online Accommodation Giant

  • Guests booked for five weeks @ $500/night
  • Hosts went on five-week vacation with kids
  • Guests contacted Airbnb re: cockroaches
  • Airbnb cancelled reservation
  • Host not given usual 24-hour window to resolve

Article #3: New Ordinance Creates Guidelines, Regulations for Short-Term Rentals in Boston

  • Prevent short-term rentals from monopolizing housing market
  • Hosts face steep fines for breaking rules (up to $148K)

Article #4: US Millennials Prefer Hotels Over Airbnb

  • Survey of 1,500 people cited full-service hotels as first choice
  • 35% prefer luxury hotels/resorts, followed by camping at 33%
  • Only 23% named short-term rentals as preferred accommodation
  • Millennials may be more aware of horror stories, less loyal

Article #5: The Most Popular Airbnb Properties on Instagram Last Year

  • Wood cabins, spectacular views
  • Nature, greenspace prominent
  • Photographs represent character of location

Resources Mentioned

Article #1: cnet.com/news/airbnb-purges-thousands-of-its-san-francisco-listings-overnight/

Home Sharers Democratic Club

Article #2: dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5287197/AirBnb-host-faces-20K-bill-minute-cancellation.html

Article #3: boston.gov/news/new-ordinance-creates-guidelines-regulations-short-term-rentals-boston

Article #4: hotelbusiness.com/study-u-s-millennials-prefer-hotels-over-airbnb/

Article #5: thesun.co.uk/travel/5377317/the-most-popular-airbnb-properties-on-instagram-last-year/

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This episode is sponsored by Payfully. Payfully allows Airbnb hosts to get paid within 24 hours after a booking is received. Use code GPFYP to get the first advance for free!

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