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Discussion – 


EP234: This Week in the World of Airbnb

In 2008, 400 guests used the Airbnb platform. Today, 400 guests check in to Airbnb listings every two minutes.

How else has the platform grown and evolved? And how does that growth impact cities like NYC?

Jasper is joined by Glenn Carter, Head of Marketing at Hostfully, to walk us through Independent Online’s ‘10 Facts About Airbnb,’ discussing the most interesting stats around how the short-term rental platform has changed in its first ten years. They also cover a David Wachsmuth study of Airbnb’s impact on the Big Apple, explaining how the site has raised rents and decreased the number of residential units available in the city.

Glenn and Jasper touch on other Airbnb headlines in the news this week, including the VC fund that is backing startups founded by former Airbnb employees and the Nashville host in trouble for advertising his property for up to 22 guests! Listen in for insight on Airbnb’s inclusive new hire, GM’s expanded car sharing platform, and how proven Airbnb cashflow might influence the value of your property.

Topics Covered

Article #1: 10 Facts About Airbnb

  • 5M listings in 81K cities
  • Hosts earned $41B in 10 years
  • 400 guests every two minutes (vs. 400 in 2008)
  • Guests spent $6.5B in restaurants in 44 cities
  • 57% of Airbnb guests from US in 2009
  • 29% of Airbnb guests from US in 2017

Article #2: A New Study of Airbnb Paints an Ugly Picture of the Company’s Impact on New York City Housing

  • Study by David Wachsmuth funded by hotel industry
  • Driven up price of long-term rentals by 1.4%
  • Removed between 7K and 13.5K units from long-term market
  • Problems with AirDNA data scrape (overestimates nights booked)
  • Reports 12% of NYC hosts are commercial operators
  • Airbnb data reports 92% share primary residence
  • Direct correlation between Airbnb and gentrification
  • Recommends One Host, One Home policy
  • Suggests legalizing short-term rentals for fewer than 30 days

Article #3: VC Fund Wants to Create an ‘Airbnb Mafia,’ With a Little Help From Airbnb

  • Restless Airbnb employees leaving (no IPO)
  • Wave Capital started by former Airbnb exec
  • Backs startups of former Airbnb employees
  • Coinbase, Mesosphere founded by Airbnb alumni

Article #4: Nashville VRBO Owner Caught Listing House for 22 Guests

  • Host listing on VRBO, Airbnb for 22 guests
  • Neighbors complained, changed listing to 12+ guests

Article #5: Airbnb Hires Cassidy Blackwell to Advance Global Policy Goals

  • Company under fire for lack of diversity, discrimination
  • African American woman on Airbnb Public Affairs team

Article #6: Airbnb Premium: Investors Will Pay ‘2-3% More’ for Short-Term Rental Properties

  • Melbourne real estate agent
  • Value increases with proven Airbnb cashflow

Article #7: GM Plans to Launch Airbnb for Your Car

  • Maven platform expanding to include anyone with GM vehicle
  • Car sharing model likely to gain traction as car ownership declines
  • Turo has grown five-fold to 5M users, valued at $700M

Resources Mentioned

Article #1: iol.co.za/travel/travel-tips/10-facts-about-airbnb-13598514

Article #2: techcrunch.com/2018/01/31/nyc-new-york-airbnb-study-mcgill/

Wachsmuth Airbnb Study

Article #3: bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-12/vc-fund-wants-to-create-an-airbnb-mafia-with-a-little-help-from-airbnb



Article #4: wtvm.com/story/37719229/nashville-airbnb-owner-caught-listing-house-for-22-guests

Article #5: blackenterprise.com/airbnb-hires-cassidy-blackwell-to-advance-global-policy-goals/

Article #6: afr.com/real-estate/airbnb-premium-investors-will-pay-23pc-more-for-shortterm-rental-properties-20180312-h0xdlo

Article #7: bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-13/gm-is-said-to-plan-airbnb-like-service-for-sharing-your-wheels




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