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What Hosts Should Know About the Airbnb 2022 Winter Release (Ep526)

Airbnb wears two hats in their business, catering to the guests on one side while trying to remain fair and inclusive to the hosts on the other.

Often, they lean towards updates that are more geared towards guests, and the hosts have taken notice, and many have spoken out.

And Airbnb has responded with the 2022 Winter Release by focusing the updates on making it easier to become a host and stay a host on Airbnb by offering one-on-one guidance from a Superhost and more ways to get your listings seen, and your money faster.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I walk you through each of the updates in the Winter Release, including the upgraded top-to bottom protection for every host on Airbnb through AirCover.

We’ll share the six new listing categories offering more ways for your listings to stand out, and how new listings will now be featured and for how long. Plus, we’ll take a look at the new retaliatory review protection for hosts and the fast pay option and fees.

Listen in as we share our opinion of which updates are the most advantageous for hosts, which might be problematic, and which ones will require a bit more time and investigation to determine how they will play out.

Topics Covered

  • Jasper shares an exciting life announcement
  • How intention and clarity trickle down to your guests
  • How the Airbnb 2022 Winter release makes it easier to become a host
  • The comprehensive coverage of AirCover for hosts
  • How Airbnb is adding more transparency into the categories (and introducing new ones)
  • The 3 ways the new categories might complicate things
  • The updated policies on review protection
  • Why we recommend every host check their listing to provide more details to your guests to rank better in the search results


The Airbnb 2022 Winter Release


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