What I Learned From 350 GPFYP Podcasts (Ep. 351)

What I Learned From 350 GPFYP Podcasts (Ep. 351)

What I learned from 350 GPFYP podcasts

  1. We’re not selling a space, we’re selling an experience
  • The size, #rooms, and location don’t drive the price as much as with LTRs and real estate prices
  • Two completely similar units can make very different amounts of money
  • Google “most popular Airbnbs,” they are all unique experiences.
  • Before you start an Airbnb, figure out what the experience is that you’re going to provide and the avatar that you’re going to target
  • A traveler who stays 3 nights just wants to have a stressfree, comfortable experience. Communication, amenities, and providing the right information.

2. It’s a lot of work, but you can take yourself out of the business for 95%

  • There is so much you can automate (Messaging, pricing, task management, self-checkins) Go to https://getpaidforyourpad.com/airbnb-tools/ to find the best ones.
  • The power of a VA (one of our Legends Rebecca runs 100+ units and only spends a few hours a week working in her business

3. You can drive a lot of bookings through your own marketing channels

  • Collecting emails
  • Social media
  • Direct booking website
  • It’s a long-term investment, but you’re building an asset
  • No dependence on Airbnb and other platforms

Must Listen episodes

Combination of Most Downloads & my personal favorites:

Ep263: How to use Social Media to Market your Airbnb

Ep260: How to Rank Higher and Drive More Bookings

Ep024: With Chip Conley

Ep034: How an Airbnb experience can create a bond between people

Ep047: How Airbnb empowered this host to keep his home from being foreclosed

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