What You Don’t Know About Cleaning (Ep255)

What You Don’t Know About Cleaning (Ep255)

What you dont know about airbnb cleaning

Have you ever heard of the wall-to-wall method? Neither had I. Until I spoke with Durk Johnson, executive director of the Vacation Rental Housekeepers Professionals.

I have spoken to some hosts who know their stuff when it comes to cleaning, but Durk blows it out of the water. This guys knows everything about cleaning. The best cleaning products, the best cleaning methods and how to keep your cleaners safe.

As we all know, cleaning is an essential part of running a successful Airbnb hosting business. Every area of the house needs to be spick and span. A single hair found in a bed can ruin the experience for the guest. And for the host, when the guest leaves a 3 star rating for cleanliness.

In today’s episode I interview Durk. He shares a mountain of knowledge about cleaning. What I love about our chat is that he really goes into the tiny details that make the difference between a good cleaning and an outstanding one.

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  1. David says:

    This was a great episode. Thank you to Durk for the insights. One question: can you provide more info on Chem-Zyme? Do you have a link where a consumer can buy it?

    Thank you!

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