EP110: What you should know before you buy property with Zeona McIntyre


EP110: What you should know before you buy property with Zeona McIntyre

Jasper is joined by Zeona McIntyre who is an Airbnb Consultant and Rental Manager. In addition to her management company she also personally owns and rents out several properties via Airbnb.

Zeona got her start with Airbnb by renting out a spare bedroom in her apartment. From there she began leasing and renting out apartment units via Airbnb. This strategy worked for quite a while but she was eventually kicked out of an apartment for doing this. After a couple of these experiences, Zeona decided to start buying her rental properties, and she now owns and rents out four properties!

Zeona has some great advice for anyone that is interested in buying real estate for an Airbnb rental but doesn’t know what to look for.

Some of the topics covered:

  • How Zeona started renting with Airbnb
    • A friend made over 50K on Airbnb and finally talked her into it
  • How Zeona currently uses Airbnb
    • She personally owns four properties
    • Manages 15 properties for other owners
  • The story of Zeona getting kicked out of an apartment for renting it out on Airbnb.
    • She no longer rents out leased properties
  • Airbnb rental best practices
  • What to look for when investing in a Airbnb rental property
  • Why Zeona won’t by an apartment with an HOA
    • Gives other people control over what you can do with your place
  • Buying property with a mortgage vs buying with all cash

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Recourses mentioned:

Aviva IQ



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    Blown away as this site is a wealth of information.

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