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Why Building a Brand is Essential for STR Hosts (Ep531)

“It's easy to market a product. But people aren't interested in a product until they trust the person selling it,”—Chris Maughan

Reputation used to be the cornerstone of a brand, but now it's all about trust. Airbnb is great at doing trust marketing. People who go to Airbnb already trust the Airbnb brand, and they're looking to book. Now they are trying to determine WHO to book with.

And that's where building your brand trust is crucial. You could be losing 50 bookings a year just because your profile isn't on point—and it's about more than just great property photos.

So, how do you build that trust?

Chris Maughan is the CEO & Founder of I-PRAC. An experienced operator in holiday and commercial rentals for 17 years, he's passionate about transforming the short-term rental industry to make it a safe place for hosts and travelers worldwide. He's also the CEO and co-founder of AES Accommodation Ltd and AES Events Group, which provides accommodations for companies like Google, Twitter, and Disney. Chris has written a chapter in the soon-to-be-released, The Book Direct Blueprint.

On this edition of Get Paid for Your Pad, Chris walks us through the difference between trust marketing and product marketing and why trust marketing is vital in the short-term rental marketplace.

We discuss how to get clear about your brand identity and the key components you can use on your Airbnb profile to establish an emotional connection with guests looking to book.

Listen in as Chris shares how STR operators can showcase who they are as a trusted brand for more Airbnb and direct bookings.

Topics Covered

  • Why nobody is interested in your product on a first-time visit
  • Why so many hosts and property managers miss the point of their Airbnb profile
  • The two things you need to be clear on so you can communicate them effectively with your guests
  • How to provide information about your brand that will help build emotional trust with your guests
  • How to personalize your profile details that attract guests
  • How to stand out on the Airbnb platform as a trusted brand
  • Why you can’t rely on booking platforms alone
  • How to get more direct bookings by building trust
  • How I-Prac helps protect the consumer while allowing STR operators to showcase that they’re trusted and professional

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