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Work Remotely from a Cave Home on a Volcano (Ep548)

Ah, Spain! Spain is a country that I love very much.

I lived in Barcelona for two years. One reason why Spain is a great place to visit is its affordability, as highlighted by a three-course meal with wine for only 10 euros. But that's not the only thing that makes Spain a wonderful country. Its diverse culture, rich history, and breathtaking landscapes are just some of the many reasons to explore this beautiful country.

However, beyond all that, what truly makes Spain a special place is its people.

Today on “Get Paid for Your Pad,” I have two guests, Juanccho Betancor and Juanjo Bande, from Spain.

Juanccho Betancor is a Legends X graduate and successful short-term rental host. He began his journey by renting out several properties and later transitioned to Airbnb. In addition to hosting, Juan is passionate about analyzing investments in the space and sharing his experiences with others. He even has his own YouTube channel where he talks about all things short-term rental.

JuanJo Bande is an architect who is passionate about the short-term rental industry. He works on developing various projects that cater to both tourism and residential areas. Apart from that, he creates valuable content in Spanish about the short-term rental space on YouTube. He also manages a few professional chat groups where like-minded people in the Spanish-speaking world can share their knowledge and experiences.

They join me to discuss their experiences in the short-term rental industry, what they've learned from building their businesses, and their insights on why Spain is an amazing country to visit.

Listen in to hear how they've adapted to serve the post covid digital nomads, the lack of quality content on the short-term rental space in Spanish, and how they aim to provide education and quality content to the Spanish-speaking audience.

Plus, they share what they would do differently if they were starting their business today and their predictions for the future of the STR industry.

Topics Covered

  • How Juan and Paco got started in the STR industry
  • How to be on the beach in Panama when you have 28 units back in Spain
  • How they invested in themselves to grow their businesses
  • The most significant things they've learned from Jasper, Get Paid Your Pad, and Legends X
  • How mindset makes a big difference in success
  • What does it take in 2023 to be successful as an STR host
  • What the STR industry looks like in the future
  • Why it's best to look beyond the short-term profits and instead consider long-term profitability

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