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Love is in the air! And so is a little drama.

With the approach of Valentine’s Day, there is news of a love story in the Airbnb ecosystem: Hostfully and Orbirental have merged!

Today Jasper is joined by Hostfully co-founder David Jacoby to discuss how the complementary products offered by Hostfully and Orbirental make the collaboration “a complete tip-to-tail software to manage your vacation rental.” But Airbnb news isn’t all hearts and roses this week. There was also a big breakup and reorganization among the company’s leadership with the departure of CFO LT Tosi and the promotion of COO Belinda Johnson.

David and Jasper also cover the change in how pictures are displayed in Airbnb listings, offering suggestions on photo variety and order that will make your property convert with this new format.

Listen in for insight on Airbnb’s big announcement coming February 21st, and learn how a small investment in amenities can reap big rewards for you as a host!

Topics Covered

Article #1: Hostfully + Orbirental: A San Francisco Startup Love Story

  • Orbirental provides property management software, booking engine
  • Hostfully guidebooks offer complementary product
  • Partnered for past year, merged at end of January

Article #2: How Do I Add and Reorder My Listing’s Photos?

  • New format shows photo collage (two or three pictures)
  • No announcement re: change made by Airbnb
  • First few pics should show different parts of property
  • Choose most attractive photos, illustrate top features first

Article #3: Inside the Shakeup at Airbnb: The Startup Loses a CFO, Gains a COO

  • CFO LT Tosi brought in to help go public
  • Traditional approach created tension with Chesky
  • Belinda Johnson promoted from within
  • Johnson instrumental in negotiating with cities

Article #4: You Can Earn $10 More per Night on Airbnb Just by Having a Hair Dryer

  • Little things make big difference
  • Amenities ranks #8 in list of most important features
  • Consider providing nonperishables (e.g.: oatmeal, wine)
  • High-end properties might use delivery service (i.e.: GuestBox)

Resources Mentioned

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Article #2:

Overlooked 2 Overbooked

Article #3:

Article #4:


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