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You’ve probably noticed that bookings have slowed in 2023. There’s still strong demand, but there’s a lot more hosts and listings compared to a few years ago. In our market Idyllwild for example, the number of listings went up from 485 to 662 in the last three years. That’s a 36% increase.

What this means is that to do well you have to pull all levers that are available to drive bookings, specially when it comes to your listings. The days that any listing attracts bookings are gone, and those days ain’t coming back. So we have to be obsessed with the details, and leave no Ts uncrossed.

But I’ve noticed that many hosts are not doing that. For example…A lot hosts don’t have photo captions, or the captions aren’t very good. And that’s a missed opportunity.

Now you might think that it’s all about the photos, and the captions aren’t as important. And that’s true.

What’s also true, is that…

    – Captions help Airbnb understand your listings better, which improves your listing’s visibility.

    – Captions can provide additional info that may not be obvious from the photo, which leads to fewer questions and more bookings.

    – Captions can help the viewer visualize the experience they can have, and entice them to book.

In short, captions do play a role in the booking process, and you should take advantage of that. But just adding a caption that says “Kitchen” doesn’t really help. So you have to take the time and write solid captions. And that’s a bit hard to do for some.

If that’s you, then I have GREAT NEWS for: You can let CHAT GPT do the work for you.


Watch this video on how to do that in 60 seconds or less:

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