EP098: How to create digital guidebooks with Hostfully

EP098: How to create digital guidebooks with Hostfully

Most Airbnb hosts have by now realized the importance of communicating not only the basic logistics to their guests, but also recommendations for food, shopping, and other activities. Creating a custom guidebook just got MUCH easier thanks to the folks at hostfully.com

On this week’s episode Jasper is joined by David Jacoby and Margot Schmorak, both Co-Founders of Hostfully.com.

Hostfully is a website where you can create a custom guidebook for your guest. The best part is, it’s FREE! You can find more about how Hostfully makes it easy to give your guests 5-start hospitality here: hostfully.com/product

Some of the Topics covered:

  • The history of Hostfully
  • How Hostfully works
  • What makes a great guidebook
  • How guidebooks enhance interaction between guest and host.
  • Creating experiences for your guests
  • Future plans/improvements for the Hostfully platform.

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